Birthday Party FAQ

We are so excited you are interested in having your birthday party at Rancho Alegre Farm!  Here are some hints, tips and guidelines that will help you to better prepare for an awesome party.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means.  If you have any questions please contact a member of our staff at  We are happy to answer any questions!

What if I'm late?

Occasionally things happen and you are late for your party.  Unfortunately we are not able to extend your party time due to your being late.  We will work hard to get in all of your farm activities during your scheduled party time.  If you are the last party slot of the day you may purchase additional time if you wish.

Refunds are not given due to late arrivals.

What if people don't show up?

Refunds are not given due to lower than expected attendance.

Can we stay late?

You may purchase additional time for your party if you have the last slot of the day.  You may add 1 hour for $75 or a 1/2 hour for $40.  

It is imperative that everyone be respectful of the time guidelines so that all of our guests may enjoy the farm.

Please contact us if you would like to add additional time.

How do pony rides work?

If your guests arrive late we cannot bring the ponies back for additional rides.  It is up to you to inform guests that they need to arrive on time in order to participate in pony rides and other farm activities.  

Parents must sign the liability waiver prior to their child riding the ponies.  We go in order of names on the list for pony rides.  It works best for you to appoint someone who knows the children to call them when it is their turn.

How many people can I invite?

The total guest count for a Perfect Pony Party is limited to 40 people.  (10 children and 30 adults)  

The total guest count for a Grand Pony Party is limited to 60 people.  (20 children and 40 adults)

Is there anything prohibited?

The following items are not permitted at Rancho Alegre Farm:

  • Glitter  
  • Confetti
  • Silly string
  • Animals (except for service animals)
What if I have a bounce house at my party?
  • Food and drinks cannot be taken into the bounce house.
  • The bounce house should be closely supervised at all times.  Rancho Alegre Farm does not provide supervision for the bounce house unless you hire a farm hand to do so.  You agree to use the bounce house at your own risk.
  • Older children and younger children should not jump at the same time in the bounce house to avoid injury. Children should never bounce on the sides of the bounce house to avoid tipping.  Parents are responsible for overseeing the bounce house.  
  • If Rancho Alegre Farm staff has to communicate to the children more than two (2) times regarding improper use of the bounce house we will be forced to turn it off for their safety.
Is there a media release?

By entering the grounds at Rancho Alegre Farm you consent for your images to be recorded by camera, video and other electronic means for the use in social media, marketing and promotional purposes.  If you object to your image (or the images of your children) being used you must notify the staff immediately.

What if I have extra children?

Perfect Pony parties are limited to 14 children total.  (10 are included in the package and 4 more can be added for $6 per child)

Grand Pony parties are are limited to 26 children unless additional time is added to your event.  We cannot conduct all of your farm activities for more than 26 children and still allow you ample time to have time for cake and presents.

We will conduct a headcount of all children over the age of 2 during your event.  If you have more children than included in your final headcount you will be charged $6 per child.


Can I come early to decorate?

You may arrive 30 minutes prior to your party to decorate or set-up for your party.  

What is the timeline plan for my party?

The general timeline for your party is as follows:

  • 15 minutes after the start of your party our staff will arrive with the pony/ ponies for pony rides
  • Approximately 5 minutes after pony rides are finished the hayride will arrive for your ride
  • The hayride will take approximately 20 minutes with a stop at the goat milking station and petting zoo
  • The time remaining after farm activities is yours for cake, presents and party time

Once your party has started we cannot delay farm activities for late arriving guests.  It is your responsibility to inform your guests of the party schedule and how important it is to arrive on time.

What if it rains?

In the case of inclement weather we will do our best to work with you to reschedule the party to the next available date.   We can reschedule your party up to 4 hours prior to the start time.  

Once your party begins we cannot reschedule your party and no refunds will be given.

Do you have a kitchen we can use?

You may not enter the kitchen in our banquet hall.  Please do not go through our supplies for any reason.  If you need assistance please contact a Rancho Alegre Farm staff member.

We would be happy give you the number of local restaurants who will deliver food for your party.  We can also offer on-site catering options.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking is only permitted in outdoor areas.  Cigarettes must be disposed of properly.  Rancho Alegre Farm will charge you an extra cleaning fee if cigarette butts are left on the ground.

What comes with the Sno Cone Machine?

The sno cone machine is a great addition to your party on a hot summer day!

The sno cone machine comes with 20 lbs of ice, 2 cups and 1 bottle of syrup.  You may purchase additional supplies with 7 days notice.

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