field-trip-page-headerAt Rancho Alegre Farm we provide a hands-on learning experience like no other. Fun for people of all ages, we are the perfect destination for your next educational field trip. Your students will visit a growing homestead with a food garden, laying hens, a milk Jersey cow, milk goats, ponies, miniature donkeys, chickens and more. In a world where everything is simplified to be produced fast and economical, old fashioned farming can become a lost tradition. We show students where the food that they eat comes from, they won’t even realize how much they are learning when they feed a cow, milk a goat or dig in the worms.




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Hop aboard our tractor driven hayride for a tour around our 15-acre farm. 

Tour our natural organic garden and see what’s in season!


Dig for worms and learn about the importance of worm composting!



Learn to Milk a Goat, a truly unique experience! 


Come meet one of our ponies and groom it with lots of love.

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Visit our petting zoo, our chickens, donkeys, goats and sheep will be waiting for you! 




After a fun-filled learning experience, all classes are welcome to use one of our outdoor picnic pavilions for lunch.


Need to know how our field trip fits the Elementary School Standards?

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Here is what people are saying about Rancho Alegre Farm field trips!

This is the third year we have been to Rancho Allegre and it is always the most fun field trip we have! I love supporting a family-owned organic farm. We are working on our STEM certification and our focus is  Agriculture, so we refer to it often. Our time at Rancho Allegre is always organized and fun. The kids LOVE it and it is very appropriate! Thank you for a great time every time. ~ November 2016

Heather Ledet, M.Ed.

Kindergarten Teacher, STEM Committee Chair, Hawthorne Elementary

Our visit to your farm was the most talked about field trip so far. The parents even mentioned how stress-free and fun the trip was. We are a 1st grade class and everything that was taught was interesting and age appropriate.  The kids LOVE milking the goat, then the worm farm, feeding the animals,  brushing the pony, tractor ride, and the garden.  After our visit, we were working on narrative writing. With the shared experience of the farm, our grade level could use the field trip to help relate the topic to the students.  

Once we got to the farm everything was very organized. The rotations flow smoothly and the timing allows just enough time at each station that students stay engaged. I am so thankful for your patient and understanding staff. We had issues with our buses not arriving at school so we were running late. When I called, everyone was so understanding, comforting and reassuring that it helped us stress a little less. When eating lunch, help is offered to get the students settled and everyone is just so kind. Our grade level had an amazing time at the farm and we hope to keep it our must do field trip every year! ~ October 2016

Rebecca Fritzinger

Alford Elementary School

Thanks so much for a wonderful field trip experience.  The kids really enjoyed learning about the animals and kept on talking about their experience after the trip.  The lessons were very informative and age appropriate.  They really liked getting to feed the animals and dig for worms.  I really enjoyed that there were different stations that we were able to rotate through so that the kids were engaged the whole time.  Thanks again for an awesome field trip and I will definitely let other teachers know what a great farm trip it was. ~ October 2016

Sheryl Hoilette

Kindergarten, Rockbridge Elementary

Thanks so much for hosting our kindergarten field trip!  The stations were
well organized, and timed perfectly so our students had ample time at each
station.  The students learned so much about worms/composting,
bees/pollination, gardening/photosynthesis/food production, and animals!
We had such a great time and we are looking forward to bringing the next
class of kindergarten students next Fall! Thanks again for a wonderful
adventure! – November 7. 2016

Kelly Alewine, M.Ed.

Kindergarten Teacher, Dacula Elementary

I attended your farm last week with my grandson and his class from Grayson UMC kindergarten. I want to say thank you for the wonderful experience you provided for us. Your facility and program were well planned and very appropriate for our group of 3-year-olds. They were engaged and excited. My little guy said it was “Super Fun!”  Your guides were all excellent. They were articulate, patient, and engaging. We all learned a lot about the farm and the science of farming. The rotation through the centers enhanced the engagement and gave the children a variety of memorable experiences.

Kris Caldwell

Grandparent Chaperone, Grayson UMC kindergarten

We had a wonderful time at your farm. We loved how knowledgeable all of your staff members were. Everyone was friendly and the kids learned a lot while at your farm. Thank you again for allowing us to visit. – October 30, 2015

Melissa Watt

Mulberry Elementary School

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