Field Trip Policies and Procedures

Field Trip Policies

Safety is a major priority at Rancho Alegre Farm. In order to keep everyone safe we require the following:

• Children must be supervised at all times by an adult. Rancho Alegre does not provide supervision of field trip participants.
All adults participating in a field trip must wear identification. Teachers, assistants and bus drivers must have school issued credentials to receive free admission. Parents MUST wear a school issued name tag. Any adult without identification will be asked to leave the premises.
• This is a working farm. Please advise children to wear clothing that can get dirty. Also, close toed shoes are highly recommended!

Children may come into to contact with a variety of allergens during their time at the farm. Please be aware of your students needs.

Field Trip Procedures

Prior to Your Arrival:

• Assign each classroom participating in the field trip a starting station on our rotation schedule and a lunch location using the sheet sent to you by Rancho Alegre.
• Determine how you will pay for your field trip upon your arrival at the farm. We accept cash, school check and credit card. We can take credit cards over the phone, but this will result in an additional fee charged to your school due to the credit card company fees.
• Designate one person to handle payment upon your arrival at the farm.
• Alert parents as to how they need to pay for themselves and siblings. You may choose to have all parents pay the farm directly upon arrival or all parents pay you directly. We, unfortunately, cannot accept a mixture of payment types.
• Provide your parents with a school/ class issued name tag. For the safety of the children EVERY adult attending a Rancho Alegre Farm field trip must have identification.

• Contact Rancho Alegre Farm 5 days prior to your field trip if your numbers have changed significantly from your booking estimate. We need this information for staffing purposes.

• Pack your lunches according to classroom pavilion assignments. This will save you a lot of headache!

Upon arrival at the farm:

• Buses should park in the grassy area in front of the petting zoo
• One teacher/ staff member should be designated to handle payment and proceed to the front of the Indoor Pavilion where a Rancho Alegre staff member will be waiting to greet you.
• After all students are accounted for teachers should lead their classes to the Indoor Pavilion where students will be seated on the floor for our opening presentation.

• Restrooms are located at the rear of the building.

Field Trip Stations:

• Prior to your arrival at the farm our staff will contact you with a list of stations.
• You should assign your classes to a station to begin their learning experience. The lead teacher should communicate each classes’ rotation schedule to them prior to arrival at the farm.
• Our staff will be located throughout the pavilion to meet your class and lead them to their starting rotation.
• Stations will rotate approximately every 8 minutes. Every student will experience every station.


• At the end of your field trip all participants are invited to have a lunch that they brought with them in one of our two outdoor pavilions. Our front pavilion will hold 2-3 classes. Our back pavilion will hold 4-5 classes.
• Please assign your classes to a pavilion prior to your arrival. Pack your lunches according to which pavilion you have assigned. Doing these two things will make your life much easier the day of your field trip!
• We will have a motorized cart available to help transport boxes and coolers to our back pavilion
• Trash cans will be provided. We do ask that your group leave the pavilion clean when you leave!
• For the protection of our animals we ask that you do not feed them any of your lunch items.
• If you would like to leave any items for composting we would be happy to accept them. Examples of compostable items include: vegetable and fruit scraps, paper napkins and biodegradable items.

Post Field Trip:

• Use the teacher resources to further the knowledge gained today on your field trip.
• Please fill-out the survey sent to you about your experience at Rancho Alegre Farm.

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