Homeschool Visits 

Rancho Alegre Farm is dedicated to a high quality, engaging, and hands-on learning experience.   Our field trips are perfect for groups with a variety of age ranges. We welcome small groups over 15 students and large co-op groups alike.

Homeschool trips are only $8.00 per person for adults and children 2 and over 

In addition to a scheduled visits, we offer Homeschool Days during the spring and fall to allow individual families to come and experience Rancho Alegre Farm together!


Each 90 minute field trip helps students of all ages gain a greater understanding of sustainable agricultural practices through observation and hands-on opportunities.

Each field trip begins in our indoor pavilion with Farm Talk where students will learn about the history of Rancho Alegre Farm and basic farm safety rules. 

Then we move on to some of our unique learning stations.

  • Observational Beehive –  Come see some of the most important members of our farm hard at work!  You’ll be able to watch our resident bees communicate with one another, care for their young and make honey inside their Plexiglas hive.  Will you be able to spot the queen bee?
  • Hayride – Hop aboard our tractor driven hayride for a tour around our 15-acre farm.  Enjoy the sights and sounds of a real working farm!
  • Garden – Our garden grows naturally at Rancho Alegre without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.  Join us for a tour to see what is growing, taste some herbs and discuss with our gardening staff how you can create an environmentally friendly garden at home.
  • Worm Composting – Do you want to cut your input to the local landfill by 30%?  Then join us for a talk about the importance of worm composting!  Our worms eat scraps from the kitchen and turn it into super rich compost that we use in all of our gardens.  You can learn how to start worm composting in a plastic bin no matter where you live!
  • Aquaponics – See how we can garden without soil!  Our aquaponics station shows a truly sustainable gardening practice that utilizes the natural tendencies of both fish and plants.
  • Goat Milking – A truly unique experience!  Our student experience being a farm hand and take a turn milking one of our goats.  Learn about the importance of goats worldwide and how their milk can be used.
  • Chicken Coop – Backyard Chicken Coops are all the rage these days!  Learn the benefits of backyard chickens and how we care for our chickens at the farm.
  • Milk Parlor – View how we milk our cow and goats on the farm!  Discuss the uses of fresh milk on a farm and visit with our cow, Fannie.
  • Pet-A-Pony – Ponies and horses have such an important place on farms.  They provide labor, compostable manure, and fun!  Come meet one our ponies while getting a chance to brush them and give them lots of love.  (Pony rides can be added after the field trip for an additional $5 per child.  Please make arrangements in advance as it requires us to bring in additional staffing.)
  • Petting Zoo – Visit with our farm animals and learn about their importance to farming.  Our chickens, donkeys, goats, sheep and more will be waiting for you!

After a fun-filled learning experience, all classes are welcome to use one of our outdoor picnic pavilions for lunch.

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Who must pay for Homeschool Day at the Farm?
Everyone who is 2 or older must pay to attend a homeschool day at the Farm.  


Is your farm handicap accessible?
Rancho Alegre Farm is accessible to all individuals. However, the uneven ground and gravel surfaces may present a challenge to mobility devices. Please contact us if anyone in your group needs extra time to rotate between stations. Also, please be aware that our hayride is not wheelchair accessible.
Can my group tour together?
Yes!  Please email our Education Director with the name of your group and the number attending so we can arrange for your group to stay together.


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